About Justitia

Specialised insurance company

Since 1948, Justitia NV has been the specialised insurance company for healthcare within the Vanbreda Group. Since November 2020, Justitia NV has also offered coverage for Fire Major Industrial Risks as a co-insurer.

For collective insurance policies for medical expenses, hospitalisation insurance and guaranteed income insurance, Justitia NV offers tailor-made solutions. We stand out due to our client-focused and tailor-made approach for larger groups.

The Justitia NV management bodies are composed as follows:

  • Board of Directors:
    • Jean-Claude Debussche, chairman, independent director
    • Pedro Matthynssens, non-executive director
    • Wouter Reggers, non-executive director
    • Mark Leysen, executive director
    • Kris Heyman, executive director
  • Effective Management Committee
    • Mark Leysen, chairman
    • Kris Heyman
  • Risk Management & Compliance Manager: Luk Van Elsacker

Part of the Vanbreda Group

Justitia NV is part of the Vanbreda Group. Operational activities (contracts and claims management) are outsourced to sister company Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. For the health care activity, a team of motivated employees processes more than 4 million claims for around 1.1 million insured parties annualy.

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is the largest independent insurance broker and risk consultant in Belgium and the leading insurance partner in the Benelux region. Vanbreda has been providing answers to questions about risk from companies, public and social institutions, and entrepreneurs since 1937. With more than 800 employees, we advise over 60,000 clients in the area of insurance, risk management and employee benefits. Thorough knowledge of our clients’ activities and risks and detailed technical knowhow and service provision are the cornerstones of our success, which is evident from annual growth and a high level of client satisfaction.

We are there for you.

Justitia NV
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